Bureau de Fatigue: A Semi-Safe Space

Hello, I'm Toby.

Bureau de Fatigue is a place to amass art, music and hare-brained ideas, shake them up into a frothy chowder, and then spray it into the main entrance of your local shopping centre.

Since its inception in 2022, Bureau de Fatigue has focused on making limited edition, pop-art-style prints. The first project, RGB (Do You Know Who the **** I Think I Am?), is an abstract, three-part series described as 'luminescent & lethargic, splendid & sad...like faded memories of the worst office job you ever had'. How nice. This was followed quickly by the 'mundane & uncanny, vibrant & hideous', Rank series. Nine gnarly images of isolated household items that sort of make your eyes sting, Rank is about trying to look for the good, no matter how hard it usually is.

With 2023 came a new piece, Sac Magique, which explores scale, colour-rhythm and absurdity through spray paint and silkscreen. With the help of renowned print studio The Private Press, I was able to see my vision of creating something ‘fantastic, massive and pointless’ through to completion. An edition of 10, no two alike; registration is dynamic to say the least, and each piece is peppered with artefacts, imperfections and flaws - all evidence to suggest this is the work of a man at war with himself.

Spring 2024 saw the launch of this website, my Patreon page, and a brand new photo series titled My Body is a Temple But Prayer Time is Over; nine images captured on 35mm between 2010 and 2023. Each 12"x8" c-type print is named after something a friend has said to me at one point or another. They’re available to purchase but technically you're not buying a photograph; you're buying its name, which is of the highest quality. The photo itself comes for free, like a single-use napkin.

So what about the future? Will there even be one? In a somewhat futile attempt to ease these and other such frightfully warranted concerns, I'm currently working on some mono-prints, developing some abstract mark-making for screen print, new musical projects, paintings, merchandise, and a heap of other stuff yada yada yada


For commissions, enquiries or seething complaints, kindly use the contact form below.

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